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Post  VasQuezTheGreat on Fri Dec 03, 2010 11:07 pm

This will be the temporary headquarters for the BHoR tournaments untill Echoes enables me to open up the BHoR community lounge. Posted bellow will be the bracket for a 1v1 only Northrend mode. Please do not post here! There is a tournament comment/question section and Match result section located next to this thread.

Tournament Rules: Use the bracket to find your opponent. You can play your tournament match at anytime, so wait for your opponent to come on, whisper him and use the clan bot BHoR.Host.2 to play your match. You do not need a 3rd party observer, please report the results of your match in WOW Risk Tournament Results section. I will watch the results and update the bracket accordingly so players can find there next match. Please actively finish your tournament matches so we are not stuck waiting on 2 people to have a match!

An IMPORTANT NOTICE: IF A desync occurs during your 1v1 game - if the larger player has clearly won or has 20+ income then they win the game. IF it was remotely even then you must remake your game. If you need help using the bot for your game, whisper any grunt, shaman, or VasQuezTheGreat. Please choose Northrend only mode, 20 turn fog, 45 second turn, fill player spots, and 5 turn spawn! If you and your opponent BOTH strongly wish to play another mode then you can. However if one of the two players wishes for the tournament default rules then you must oblige them.


Remember! 1st place will recieve grunt status with admin on the AUTOHOSTING BOT!
2nd place will recieve grunt status and admin on BHoR.Host.2

Eternal glory goes to the winner who will remembered/ written up in the hall of fame section located in the future BHoR Community Lounge!

Good luck to all players!

I will edit the bracket standings on this image as results are posted in the Tournament Result section! Click on Bracket to enlarge it and show entire picture!

[img]BHoR WoW RISK Tournament Center Bhorto11[/img]

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